Is your flower real or something made?

Our Flower is 100% real 

Our team in Oregon takes the upmost care and pride growing each plant from seed to harvest. All natural rich soil is used for all indoor and out door plants. You can see, taste, smell and feel the difference in our fresh flower V.S other flower.


Will CBD get you high?       

CBD will NOT get you high. THC delta-9  is responsible for the high feeling. All our products have Zero or less than 0.3% delta 9-THC. NO HIGH.


Can I fail a drug test while taking CBD?

We do not guarantee you will pass, all drug tests are not the same some will test just for THC others may test all cannabinoids. Please us caution even though hemp is legal federally.  


Is your shipping packages desecrate ?

We take the up most care when packaging your order. We do our best to ensure a smell proof, desecrate package each time every time. CBD and flower is allowed to be mailed. We send out all the paperwork with each box just incase something did happen.




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